Total Control of User Access

Share your inventory information with customers, vendors, employees, and third parties without giving them the chance to screw anything up or see what you don't want them to see. Plus, you can customize the user interface to make training a breeze.

  • Create as many user accounts as you need.
  • Specify which items or locations users can access.
  • Control which (if any) kinds of transactions users can perform and what methods they can use.
  • All changes to stock levels are traceable to the user who performed them.
  • Admins can change passwords for users and add or delete users with ease.

Track Serial Numbers

Do you need to have total traceability for lots, batches, or serial numbers? Then our Unique Tag feature is for you! Apply a unique tag once to an item and that tag will stay with the item throughout its life in inventory.  

  • Unique tags stay with an item, even when the unit of measure changes.
  • Apply a unique tag one time, and it will stay with the item permanently.
  • Change the term "unique tag" to anything you like, for example, batch number, lot numberserial number, etc.
  • Use the unique tag field for any kind of information you like.

Easily Search and Filter Data

The primary job of inventory software is to make it easier to find your stuff, not harder. So all of our inventory views come with search and filter boxes for each data column. This makes it simple for someone with very little knowledge of your products to find things fast.

  • Search and filter multiple table columns at once.
  • Search using multiple text methods like "begins with", "contains", "equals", "does not equal", etc.
  • Search using multiple number methods like "equal to", "greater than", "less than", etc.
  • Search and filter capability are included in almost all data views and tables.


You can customize Clearly Inventory to match the way your company does business. Below are just a few examples of what you can do.

  • Create unique data fields for each transaction.
  • Decide what fields are displayed and/or required to be filled.
  • Display custom links to your website or other sites.

Restock Reports & Emails

Stockouts can lose customers and productivity and cause frustration. To reduce these problems, we offer advanced restock reports and warnings.

  • Receive stockout warnings via e-mail.
  • Specify restock thresholds and par levels for each item.
  • Set multiple restock warning levels for multiple locations or for your entire stock.


Like pictures? Upload as many as you like and then match them with your items to give your inventory a visual flair. Or don't.

  • Upload hundreds of images at once if you like.
  • Drag and drop files to upload them.
  • Easily manage images in your image library.

Custom Views

Clearly Inventory comes with a wide variety of standard views, both for your current inventory levels as well as your transaction history. But chances are you will find it useful to make your own custom views.

  • Choose which fields you want displayed, their order, and grouping.
  • Specify relative or absolute time periods to apply to transaction reports.
  • Control which (if any) custom views users can access.

Transactions in Real Time

All actions performed in Clearly Inventory occur in real time. So when multiple users are accessing inventory, you can rest assured that they're all seeing the latest information.

  • No need to sync data from multiple clients.
  • Updates occur instantly; no more waiting for transactions to post.
  • Having the correct inventory data available instantly helps ensure inventory accuracy.


Clearly Inventory offers a wide variety of ways to examine your current inventory. You'll also have an accurate historical record of all your transactions and inventory activity.

  • Great search and filtering capabilities
  • Export reports in Excel or .csv format
  • Popular standard reports
  • Reorder / Restock reporting

Store Items in Many Locations

…and multiple units of measure. Clearly Inventory tries to match what's true right now in the physical world, not the "accounting world". Your stuff is all over the place: in transit, reserved for future sales, in work, in progress, etc. Why should you only be able to store items in one location?

  • Create as many locations as you need.
  • Create special use locations.
  • Create locations for items that are on order, held for sale, in transit, and anything else you need.
  • Create a new location ready to accept inventory in less than 10 seconds.
  • Move items among locations.
  • Store items with different units of measure in the same location.

Data Management

Stop managing your inventory software and focus on your inventory instead. New Item IDs, locations, units of measure, item and location groups, and more are created on the fly—quickly and easily.

  • Export any table in Excel or .csv format.
  • Export sample data tables that you can populate and then upload.
  • Modify any table all at once (via uploading your own Excel or .csv file) or by individual records.
  • Sort, search, and filter all tables.
  • Directly edit or add new records to tables.


Transactions are at the heart of inventory management, and we make it easy to perform transactions. With some inventory programs, moving items in and out of inventory is way too complex.

  • Increase, Decrease, Move, Convert (breakdown), and Update the status of items.
  • Create unique data collection fields for each type of transaction.
  • Perform transactions individually or in batches.
  • Create and use your own unique part numbers or descriptions.
  • Create unlimited unique units of measure.
  • Use our exclusive Auto Item ID generator, and let us create your Item IDs for you!

Make Items From Components*

Create component lists and autmatically remove component quantities of items when making other items. This is great for businesses that use kitting, bills of materials, recipes, etc.

  • Determine if you have enough stock on hand to produce an item.
  • Set default locations for the removal of stock used to make other items.
  • Choose individual inventory records when assigning stock to production.
  • Upload component lists from a spreadsheet or create them within the app.

*This feature is only activated on demand. If you want to use it, please contact us to activate it for your account.

Cost Tracking

Track your inventory costs.  

  • Tracking uses current weighted average cost.
  • It does NOT use LIFO or FIFO methods at this time, although these types of cost reporting can be "backed into" via transaction records.

Easily Import and Export Data

Getting your data into and out of Clearly Inventory is easy. We believe that you should be able to export all of your data anytime you like, and we don't keep your information in any proprietary format that you can't use or understand. Download your transactions from your e-commerce site or accounting software, format them into our table format, and upload them. And if you ever decide to stop using Clearly Inventory, just export your data.

  • Export all of your data tables into Excel or Google Docs–compatible files.
  • Import your lists of items, locations, and current inventory.
  • Export sample files to populate for future uploads.
  • Just about every report or view can be exported.
  • Perform thousands of transactions at once by uploading a transaction file.