How to Label Your Locations

Tips on Making and Mounting Labels:

  • Your labels should be durable and fixed in place (i.e., don’t use magnets or labels that can be easily moved).
  • Labels should be easy to read, preferably from across a room.
  • Consider using easy-to-spot colors such as black on yellow or white on red. (If you decide that easy-to-spot colors are too “ugly” or you can’t easily make new labels with the same color scheme, you may not want to do this.)
  • It should be easy to change or create labels (use an office printer or label maker to make them).
  • They should be mounted so as not to obstruct normal activity or get easily ripped off or damaged.
  • They should show the FULL NAME of the location, and no two labels should be the same.
  • They should have arrows that point to the location, making identifying the correct location easier, especially with shelf labels.